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If Literature’s “Complicated Men” Are On Tinder

If Literature’s “Complicated Men” Are On Tinder

by Sarah Chevallier

Label: Holden Caulfield young age: 19 career: “Jobs” tend to be for phonies just who “care” about phony things like “bills” and “food” About Holden: simply looking for informal relationship, because everyone’s a bogus except for myself (clearly). Sidebar, I’m not completely sure that “phony” implies the thing I imagine it indicates.

Term: Heathcliff Generation: Literally little idea. Career: Mergers (using opposition’ people) and purchases (of the wealth and glee). About Heathcliff: put in quite a long time developing that #RevengeBody and in addition #RevengeWealth, however right now I’m wanting an attractive, gullible female to settle straight down with, ideally a person who simply happens to be involving my own opposing forces, exactly who additionally only is literally attached to simple childhood buddy. You are sure that, for standard, absolutely not just nefarious explanations.

Identify: Odysseus Age: 38 profession: master of Ithaca who’s 100per cent devoid of a midlife emergency About Odysseus: I’m exactly about that wanderlust daily life: it is with regards to the journey, certainly not the location, you know? Specifically when the destination is full of “responsibilities” like “governance,” “parenthood,” and “marriage to lady whos unmistakably better than me and just free gay adult dating wild while she evades for sale like erotic chattel for several years while we doof around banging random witches and blinding one-eyed leaders.” Register me personally throughout the quest, infant. Celý příspěvek